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What Do You Think of Downloadable Content? | Hitting The Bricks

We talked to you guys to find out what you thought were the pros and cons of DLC, and whether or not its worth a pricetag.


  1. Clearly you're going to see a variation of opinion from gamer to gamer. Whatever one gamer might deem "worth it" might in fact be a total and complete ripoff to myself. At this point though you cant deny the amount of quality DLC outnumbers the volume of garbage DLC. Going all the way back to all that fantastic Fallout 3 DLC to the final run of Resident evil 5 content , and yes even the Mass Effect 2 add ons. Those are all examples of a continuation of the gaming experience that I endorse. Where as, "map packs" and downloadable in game skins are where I personally draw the line at "waste".
    Feelin' like I also need to add that every good cheap ass gamer knows you never buy DLC when it comes out. You ALWAYS wait for it to eventually go on sale (which it eventually always does)

  2. I personally been feeling robbed, as a loyal on-day launch customer. Example I pay $60, later they make a GOTY edtion at under that price. People that wait get more. Now if I want the DLC, I have to pay more money. Where is the gratitude? I think they should start to give u free up to date DLC codes somehow, like for registering your game with the company. This would promote more first day purchases, on the long run games would keep their value.

  3. DLC should never be available within the first month of a game's release. if it is, then they could have put it in the game and they're obviously just being greedy bastards. Equally, if it's something shit like horse armor, either don't make it or make it free. I'm willing, with say these Black Ops map packs, to shell out £10 for them. It's well past the release date of the game, and they're actually very high quality. 4 whole new maps, features/interactivity and a new zombie map each time. But you get some really shocking stuff too.

  4. I'm a big fan of what Bioware has done with some of their DLC, by including some of it for free with new purchases of their games. They did this with Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 and I felt like I was getting a bit extra for my money. Also, I'm all about what they are doing/going to do with ME2 – ME3 content, by releasing interim adventures that bridge the gap between the two games. I will gladly pay money for stuff like that. Aside from those two examples, which I am a huge proponent of, I pretty much agree with everyone here.

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