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What I Want in Wii 2

Over the last few days there were at first sputterings and unconfirmed reports of Nintendo’s next box coming down the pike.  Then, on Thursday, these ruminations were finally confirmed via several sources including Kotaku and Game Informer.

According to these sources Nintendo will officially break news at or before E3 next month, and has reportedly been shopping the product around to developers for some time.

So let the speculation begin!  I give you what I would like to see, nay, demand to see in the Wii 2/Gamecube 2/ Wii HD/ 3D Wii whathaveyou.


Nintendo has bucked more trends than one, but delivering another new console without high definition output at this point would simply be arcane.  According to sources, the power of this mystery machine will in fact rival if not surpass the horsepower of Sony and Microsoft’s current machines, so this point it’s probably a safe bet.

Online support on day one

Launching the 3DS without a well-populated app store is a major bummer.  Not launching it at all with the device was perhaps the biggest blunder on the part of the Kyoto-based firm in regards to the 3DS launch.  For the Wii 2, I want a back catalog of downloadables on day one including a couple new-released ports.  If this new machine is as strong or stronger than the 360 or PS3, how about a downloadable port of something prettier than a Nintendo console has ever seen?  I don’t even care what it is!

More Storage

With a full app store available on day one, folks are also gonna need a ton of storage.  And by ton I mean nothing short of 10 gigs, please.  Alternatively, giving users a bit of cloud storage would also be nice: imagine playing a game on Wii 2, saving, and then continuing the save wirelessly with your 3DS via the cloud?  Dibs!

Better online support

Game demos for everything.  A slew of weekly new releases.  Stronger indie support.  Voice-chat.  And get Friend Codes the Hell away from me.  If you charge me for an online service (which I think you won’t), it better be as good as good or better than Xbox LIVE.  I’d also like a vote-out feature for douchebags: prepubescent boys screaming sass gets three ban requests in a match and they are booted from online play in a game for ten minutes.

At least one killer-app at launch

I am so sick and tired of getting amped for a console launch only to find myself stoked due to nothing other than the novelty of the thing.  How about being more excited to play that launch-day killer app?  Let’s have some games to play on day one, hm?  My expectations are pretty low here, but I’d like to see at least one must-have in addition to whatever’s packaged with the device.  Remember when the excitement for a new Nintendo console could be coupled with the synonymous excitement for a new Mario?  For the love of god, can I pretend you might launch with a new Mario???

Backwards compatibility

And I’m not just talking full compatibility with Wii and GameCube games either; I want to transfer my downloads of digital titles over to my Wii 2, or at the very least get a free download coupon for the titles I already have.  It’s about time digital downloads got more respect; just because they aren’t tangible things doesn’t mean I don’t want to preserve and maintain my library on my newest consoles.

Whacky controllers

Nintendo has produced some of the wonkiest shit gaming has ever seen, very much including controllers.  Honestly, seeing new console hardware for the first time is exciting, but it’s never been as exciting to me as seeing the new first-party controllers.  These are the things I’ll be spending all my intimate time with, right?  I’d also argue that Nintendo pads have historically been among the worst and weirdest.  But in retrospect, the N64 pad wasn’t honestly that bad, if not unnecessarily pronged.

Whatever it is the big N’s got up their sleeve, it’ll certainly turn heads knowing their pedigree.  Always the innovator, Nintendo often brings something new to table that often isn’t expected.  I’m excited to see what we’ll be playing in a year’s time.


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